How to Become A Car Show Model

How to Become A Car Show Model.

There is something about cars and women. They both are beautiful and many of us like to see them together. I have attended a few car shows in the Ottawa area and love a good picture of a hot bikini clad model and a well-maintained show car. So how do models become a car show model? Many car show models start off by attending events, bringing resumes, photos and networking at car shows. The small shows are usually run by local car enthusiast groups and clubs, many of them eager to exhibit their rides with pretty models. Some good snapshots and a professional demeanor make a great impression, and may result in a call for work as a model at a future show.


An aspiring model could also sign up with a promotional or modeling agency. Car models are classified as spokespeople, and may end up also working events in nightclubs and other venues. However, the agency method isn’t the way to go for women who don’t fit the standard of a minimum height (five feet seven inches), full breasts and sometimes overly primped appearance. Today, with the era of the Internet, people accept many models that don’t fit the old checklist.
When attending a car show, don’t be too focused on print advertising. Internet SEO, Google ranking, and sites like now open up spokesperson opportunities for models. A well-spoken pretty face can represent a new car design, a stereo line or a new brand of tires. It is all about being discovered. Some models are being discovered by doing competitions like “So You Think You Can Dance.” So be creative. It is a new world out there for models. The world is an oyster.

Once that first job is landed, what comes next? The organizers of the particular event may have a particular outfit for you to wear, or might have you working with other women. Follow directions, be punctual and always have a gracious attitude.

Many men at the show will want to take pictures and flirt. Smile, they could be the owner of that new magazine, a friend who knows someone. Sometimes the world works by who you know. It is one of life’s realities. Be proper and respect yourself and others. Don’t let people be rude to you. Men can cross the lines sometimes, nudge them back if they do.
Above all, be positive and have fun. There will be other car shows and opportunities. Keep smiling, be proud, have some business cards and strut your stuff.

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