Car and Truck Leasing: Would you rent before you buy?

Sometimes I just want to sit in a different car and go. I’m talking a dream sports car that may be out of my reach, maybe not with leasing. There are a few car companies that will allow you to rent an exotic car for a day, weekend or week. For exmaple, I found this SRT 10 Red Viper with standard transmission for approx. $399 per day Mon-Thurs and $599 per day for a Sat or Sun. Of course there is insurance on top, approx $75 per day and a $5000 deposit.

Perhaps you would like to drive a Ferrari. Here is a F430 that rented for $1499 per day.

If those are too expensive, try an AC Cobra for $299 per day Mon to Thurs, weekends have higher rates.

Perhaps renting is a good step before leasing or buying. Is your passion for that certain car greater when you have never drove one, or does it become stronger after you sit behind the wheel? Personally I have driven Porsches, Mustangs, Corvettes,  and I must say, they all have their own style. So find your dream car and drive it for a day!

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